Current Donations


For every order on bundles, $1 will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Deaf + Queer Collaboration

A collaboration with Gregor Lopes — we created a few designs to be inclusive of the Deaf & Queer community and also to encourage folks to learn ASL(American Sign Language). 10% of proceeds from our sticker collaboration from February to August went to Deaf Queer Resource Center. Proceeds from our collection will go to HEARD - Helping Educate to Advance the Rights of Deaf Communities.

Progress Pride Pin

The Progress Pride Flag was created by Daniel Quasar in 2018 as a reboot of the previous pride flag to be more inclusive. When I first discovered it, I wanted to learn everything about it! Later I started a Kickstarter to create my own Progress pin but figured there may be some terms of use. So I checked Quasar’s terms and reached out as well just to make sure it would be okay to use and sell. Part of the terms were to donate a portion of the proceeds to a selected organization. I was happy to follow all terms! Now part of the ever-growing pride series, the Progress Pride pin is partly a charity pin that donates 25% of the proceeds to The Trevor Project.

(2019 - Present)

Las Vidas Negrxs Trans Importan Collaboration

A collaboration with Pinlord — we created this pin in support of Black Trans Lives Matter. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this pin are donated to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, named in honor of the gay liberation activist and drag queen, dedicates itself to protecting and defending the right of Black transgender people.

Past Donations

Fundraiser for Bail Funds & Racial Justice Organizations

100% of slightly flawed pin/keychain proceeds + 20% of sales from my shop were donated to the list of organizations below:

Emergency Relief Fund Equal Justice Initiative
For the Gworls

The Okra Project

National Bailout

(June 2020)

Latinx Pride Collab

Latinx pride pins made in collaboration with Pop Pin Co to represent our latinx & queer community! 15% of proceeds are donated to The Audre Lorde Project.

(June 2019 - 2021)

Seconds Sale Fundraisers

One weekend each month a small group of various shops participate in a seconds sale Friday through Sunday, run by Shop Shoal (previously “Oh Plesiosaur”). Each seller donates 100% of their seconds profits to that month’s nonprofit organization. Organizations are nominated by members and voted on at the beginning of the year. I felt this was such a great way to come together to raise funds for different places that needed it.

Below are organizations donated to when I was able to participate:

Black Lives Matter, February 2020
Malala Fund, December 2019
Native American Rights Fund, November 2019
Girls Who Code, August 2019
Trans Lifeline, June 2019
Trevor Project, December 2018
American Refugee Committee, July 2018

Love Knows No Gender

Love Knows No Gender started out as a mission to support the LGBTQ+ community and the organizations that fight inequality. It became one of the first designs launched out of Bianca’s Design Shop made into pins and limited edition patch. These products were created to spread a powerful message, provide visibility, and give back to our community. 50% of profits were donated to a different organization each month.

List of supported organizations:

Sylvia Rivera Law Project, January – March 2020

Audre Lorde Project, June – July 2019
Immigration Equality, August – September 2019
Translatina(x), October – November 2019
New Alternatives NYC, December 2019

The Essex LGBT RAIN Foundation, January 2018
New Alternatives NYC, February 2018
Trans Women of Color Collective, March 2018
GLSEN, April 2018
Project Q, May – June 2018
True Colors Fund, Sept – Oct 2018
S.A.G.E, November 2018
Trevor Project, December 2018

GLSEN, March 2017
Ali Forney Center, April 2017
Amnesty USA, May 2017
Trans Lifeline, June 2017
Trinity Shelter NYC, July 2017
Trans Equality, August 2017
ACLU, September 2017
The Trevor Project, October 2017
The Change Project, November 2017
Human Rights Campaign, December 2017