Bianca Negrón

Designer, She/they

Bianca is a Queer Gender-fluid Latinx Designer & Artist who enjoys creating inclusive pride art that provides representation and visibility.

Their style is minimal yet playful and often uses lines, geometric shapes & custom typography. These elements feature rounded corners and curvy/squiggly lines with colors from various pride flags.

Bianca's Design Shop features products such as enamel pins, accessories and apparel & other cute gifts made with love. You can also find selected products at physical locations such as bookstores, museums and retail stores. See the list of places here.

Hii I'm Bianca (she/they) and I'm a designer, artist, plant dad, & cat mom from Queens, NY!

I created Bianca's Design Shop as a reflection of my passion of design meshed with who I am as a person which is essentially a Queer human who cares deeply about the LGBTQIA2S+ community and it's allies. I always wanted to find a way to give back to our community, so with having my background in design I'm able to create inclusive products that provide visibility. I also donate proceeds from some of my products to different foundations, organizations & mutual aid funds.

Before starting the shop, I worked as a web designer & developer for a few different companies. After work hours, I would often create personal projects that allowed more self expression and brought me so much joy.

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