Secure Pin Backing

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This secure pin backing is seriously the best!! You can choose either the gold or silver finish. They're great for keeping your pins extra safe when wearing them on the go. I've gone through the struggle of losing a couple of my rubber and metal clutches and almost had a mini heart attack when I thought I lost my pin too(luckily I didn't). It locks your pin in place and you never have to worry about it falling off <3

To use: Push backing gently onto the pointy end of your pin. It may make a click sound once it's securely on. You can test the security of it by lightly tugging on the backing just to make sure. To take off backing, hold onto pin and front of backing and pull the end that opens to unlock and slide backing off. (Disclaimer: Be careful when pulling the locked backing from your pin, make sure it's loose and unlocked first and also don't pull on it too hard)

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