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Seconds Sale – Agender Pride Pin

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These imperfect pins have minor flaws, such as slight color discrepancies, tiny specks, and/or small scratches in the metal. They do not come with backing cards but they still come with stickers. All seconds sales are final!

A person who may identify as genderless/lacking gender, gender neutral; not aligning with any gender.

Wear this pin to show support of our Agender community, show that you are proud of who you are and remember that you are loved. Love knows no gender.

This pin is part of the LGBTQ+ pin series.

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1.25 inches wide. Hard Enamel Gold Plated Pin with a “Bianca Designs” logo and a yellow rubber clutch on the back.

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Weight0.8 oz
Dimensions1 × 1.25 in


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